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Are you focused, goal-driven, and take pride in the quality of work you produce? Do you enjoy working from home in an industry where work is abundant and with a team where you are valued? Are you ready to join the fastest growing mobile dictation company in the country? If your answer is YES, then we are the place for you!

Mobile Assistant is the fastest growing mobile dictation solution in the country. We are family owned and operated and proudly support the very best U.S. based transcriptionists. If you would like to join our team of professionals, you will be required to produce the highest quality notes and be dependable and hard working. If you possess these qualities, our workload is very consistent, our management staff is courteous and helpful, and our transcription system is state of the art.

Our financial and insurance industry dictation service continues to grow in popularity.  Mobile Assistant currently has FULL-TIME (30+ hours/week) transcription positions available. Training consists of at least one week of supervised work production during regular business hours until released from 100% QA review.

Full-Time Transcription Assistants

Essential job duties for this position include the following items. Other duties must be performed as assigned or required.

• Edit, transcribe, review and input dictation for a variety of reports such as client meetings, consultations, etc.
• Translate industry jargon and abbreviations into expanded form.
• Maintain confidentiality in all situations.
• Work toward continuous quality improvement.
• Stay current with changing technology, including software programs.
• Uphold, support, and promote all company policies and procedures


• Must be an experienced transcriptionist – 2-3 years of experience minimum, editing experience a plus
• Must be interested in a full-time position (35+ hours / week)
• Working location must be based in the United States.

Compensation and Benefits:

• Hourly compensation starting at $13/hour
• All positions have semi-annual reviews to reward high performers
• Paid time off
• Medical, Dental, Vision and Long-term disability insurance available to eligible employees with Mobile Assistant paying a portion of the employee’s premium.
• Flexible shift schedules
• 401k Retirement Savings plan

How to apply?

Please email a current resume with your correct contact information to for consideration. If, after reviewing your resume, a testing opportunity can be offered, an email will be sent with instructions and additional information about the position. We only hire employees in states where Mobile Assistant is registered for business operations.

What Our Transcriptionists Have to Say:

If you are seeking a work-at-home career in transcription that offers flexible hours with excellent Quality Assurance assistance, Mobile Assistant is the place for you. I am quickly approaching my third year with Mobile Assistant, and they are a fast-growing, professional, and friendly company. There is always plenty of work to do and the flexibility they allow is very accommodating for the inconsistencies of when “life happens.  - Debbie


As a former Medical transcriptionist, beginning a new career in transcription via Mobile Assistant has been a blessing to me. The QA staff are awesome and it appears to me that everyone who works within this company are considered as part of the team. You do not have to be head of anything to feel like a valuable part of this company’s team. What a refreshing feeling, especially to be considered as valuable rather than replaceable. From the very first moment starting with my initial contact, the owner of the company made me feel as though I was considered a valuable member and that the skill set that I had to offer would be put to good use, and I was right to follow my feelings after my initial contact. Every day seems to be a new and exciting adventure. The staff and all of the departments work together to ensure that the client, the employee, and the company are all satisfied with what they are offering. I am thankful to have stumbled upon such a great company to work for where I am able to expand my knowledge and work with people who truly know and understand the meaning of “teamwork.” Flexible hours are also a bonus with this company where flexibility is not only encouraged, but very much appreciated.  - Sheri


I’ve worked for Mobile Assistant for a little over two years, both transcribing and now editing. The training process was thorough and I was provided 100% feedback on the reports I typed, which was very helpful in the learning process. Now that I’m in editing, I see the other side of the coin. The other editors were very supportive when I came onboard and made the transition very easy. I work with a great group of very helpful people! I love working from home especially in the winter months. No driving in inclement weather,trying to find a parking place in a crowded parking lot, and no special clothes to buy. This is by far the best job I have ever had!  - Sue


I have been a transcriptionist at Mobile Assistant for almost 2 years now and it has really been the highlight of my transcription career! Previously I had been a medical transcriptionist for several different companies and it always was the same — high stress, low reward, and a culture of fear and intimidation. At Mobile Assistant I can focus on my work with no politics; and I am appreciated, always regarded with respect, and treated kindly by all. If you desire to work in a highly positive culture, Mobile Assistant is the place! My supervisor and all editors are so pleasant, positive, patient, and knowledgeable. Goodbye stress! The transcription software is very user friendly, smart, and efficient. The IT staff is readily available. In short, I have been able to be as productive as I possibly can because there is nothing to stand in the way. The icing on the cake — the dictators are highly articulate and extremely easy to understand. I love this company!  - Vickie 


I’ve been working at Mobile Assistant now for 2.5 years and every morning that I wake up and “go to work”, it doesn’t feel like work! I’ve been a transcriptionist for quite a few years and my first start was with a company I knew I didn’t want to be at for too many years working remotely, so I kept pursuing and I found Mobile Assistant, or maybe we found out each other. I felt so fortunate to have the ideal company I had been searching for to continue working as a transcriptionist. There are so many great things to say about this company, where I get to work from the comfort of my home, there’s very low pressure and the Patriot Editors are so wonderful, I look forward every day to getting online and IM’ng with them. The company and the people behind it are experts at what they do and the support they give makes me feel confident and secure that I have a place to come to where flexibility seems to be key, and that just happens to be what I thrive on. I feel like this company is a forever learning environment and has been a great opportunity for me. I really couldn’t ask for anything more out a remote transcription company than what Mobile Assistant is…a great company!  - Susan


I have worked here for a total of 11 years and no matter what position I have held, whether as a trainer, transcriptionist, editor or customer service, I have always felt valued by the company and considered an important part of the Mobile Assistant team. I love this company and proud to be a member of the team!  - Vickey